Beautiful retrofit projects in the UK!

We are proud to announce that two of the most prestigious locations in the heart of London are illuminated by QL induction lighting since the end of 2013. The retrofit solutions were designed by our partner Environment lighting. The first location is the prestigious Albert Embankment that stretches from Westminster Bridge to the London Eye along the river Thames.

The second retrofit solution was for the iconic Westminster Bridge. The
lanterns are arranged in groups of three supported on decorative cast iron columns.


Edgware Road Station - London Underground

The London Underground is perhaps the most onerous environment for any lighting solution. 
It has been operating since 1863 and currently carries three million passengers everyday to 
275 stations over 408km of railway. In the Ticket halls of Edgware road station, one of the
oldest station of the tube, the general lighting exists of heritage luminaires. Transport for 
London (TfL), the main agency for transport services in London, was looking for a reliable 
light source that could replace the 70W SON-E lamps. 

Before retrofitting - 70W SON-E




City-wide retrofit project - San Martino Buon Albergo (Italy)

San Martino Buon Albergo is a municipality in the Province of Verona in the Italian
region Veneto, located about 100 kilometers west of Venice.
Archimede Servizi srl,
already in charge for S. Martino BA's maintenance of public 
lighting, proposed
QL induction systems and the town council accepted the plan for
replacing their whole
public lighting, which will drastically reduce the costs (50%) and
the environmental
effects in terms of CO2 emissions (226.420 kg per year).
Approximately 2.200 (old)
high wattage HID lamps will be replaced by QL induction.

Before retrofitting                      After retrofitting